In your company, does "the right hand know what the left hand is doing"?  Do you as the decision maker know, without a doubt, that you have all - and the best - information available for that major determination you are about to make?

As few as 20 percent of all companies achieve the goals they have set for themselves with engaged employees who enjoy their work. Some organizations are effective, unfortunately most are not.

The "Bottom Line" is not always literally the bottom line. Moriarty works with clients to optimize financial growth, as well as transform their organizations into better places to work. We do this by helping to clarify the organization's mission in terms that give all employees, operational and executive, an interest in performing as a team to advance the company's success. 

At times, the solution to organizational challenges requires restructuring the organization. Success doesn't come from an organizational flow chart but from effective decision making with the emphasis and support flowing to those responsible. Enthusiastic and positive  leaders that can model and mentor will encourage the growth of other leaders and the confidence of everyone in the company.

The Moriarty approach is to treat employees as the company's first customers. Frontline personnel, who can heartily recommend the company they work for, result in much higher customer satisfaction ratings and loyalty.