Related Growth

Entrepreneurs are, by nature, people who relish a challenge. That desire or impulse can be a plus, or a minus, depending on the path one takes to exercise it.  We understand both the desire and necessity to grow a business. However, we help our clients avoid the dangers of seeking to grow their business by starting/buying into non-related businesses.

How many times has a person who owns a successful company been talked into investing as a partner in, or starting a company, completely unrelated to the business in which they have already achieved success? Like the guy who owns a successful plumbing supply company. He's making money hand over fist. He KNOWS plumbing supply and everything related too it! So of course the obvious choice is to invest heavily in, or start from scratch,  his own chain of Pizzeria's, right?

There are very few people with the knowledge and instinct to understand, own, and operate completely unrelated business types and models. The attempt usually fails and causes the failure of the supporting business with it.

At Moriarty, we help business owners explore growth through related business types and models. Businesses that are not only related, but can support the parent business in a significant way, and then eventually find ways to work together to increase each others profitability.