Characteristics of Repeatability

Like Olympic athletes, businesses
must adhere to a strict regimen that concentrates on the Focal Point, their main objective, and the best way to achieve that goal.

  • Accurate Analysis
  • Specific Differentiation
  • Creative Strategy
  • Frontline Feedback and Ownership 


It is often quoted that "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

We take the "sane" approach to growth and success. We find what really works for our clients, minus the unnecessary complexities, and devise ways to help them keep doing it. We don't create robotic repeatable processes. We help create a structure for Repeatability of Success. Our Lateral Thought technology* takes into account the swiftly shifting markets, relies on feedback from the front lines of the business, and encourages an attitude of ownership. This enables clients to make the strategic adjustments necessary to keep the company current and relevant to their customers.

Our clients can always depend on us to have worked hard at understanding their business and goals, propose appropriate changes, and then stand  behind those recommendations.

* "Lateral Thinking" is abundantly defined in scholarly literature on cognitive thought. We  take those principles and use them within a framework much like that in the observations put forth in the article "The Art of Genius: Eight Ways to Think Like Einstein," Utne Reader July - August 1998, p. 73-76