The marketplace has shown that the most successful companies, whether they sell athletic shoes, pizza, or shipping services, have a common denominator. Stability. This is achieved through targeting their resources, both human and capital, on the focal point of their business.

Studies  have revealed the limitations of multitasking by individuals (1) and the "bottleneck" (2) that will occur beyond a certain point. Taking those results and extrapolating them to an entire organization makes it clear why so many companies fail in their first few years, or at best only ever achieve mediocre results.

We help our clients achieve stability by defining the Focal Point of their business.  Moriarty helps find proper balance. Our clients are empowered to walk the fine line between providing excellent customer service, and missing the mark by trying to be all things to all people.

There are many competitors producing the same types of products and services. Business owners and managers have come to realize the necessity of finding ways to stand out from the crowd; promoting the characteristic of their product that truly differentiates it from all others. 

Unfortunately, differentiation not done properly, can result in complexity issues and instability.  Rather than an efficient and streamlined structure, layers of complexity are instituted that often work against productivity. 

At Moriarty we help our clients build a stable foundation by discovering and developing very specific points that differentiate them from competitors, and strategically promoting that differentiation to customers.

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