At Moriarty we promote Leadership. Management is useful as the accepted term for describing the hierarchy of a company. Unfortunately, it is far too often passive and uninspiring, while true leaders, and the exercise of leadership, set a dynamic tone in the workplace.  A true leader inspires people to participate and take on a sense of responsibility for a cause greater than self, and a sense of satisfaction in "a job well done".  

We examine every part of an organization, from the C-Suite to the street. Strategy, Organization, and Performance; all, as they relate to corporate structure, finance, operations, marketing, and sales, are thoroughly evaluated.

Our analysis of management structure and practices is one of the most important parts of the relationship with our clients. Through this process we identify the real leaders within their ranks. We are then able to put in place a framework with which the Principals can encourage and assess  progress. This makes a steady stream of human capital available to accommodate growth; the growth that will invariably come from improving the existing structure and operations.